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Company Profile
Foshan Careboss Sanitary Products Technology Co., Ltd.

Foshan Careboss Sanitary Products Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, marketing and OEM/ODM services of personal hygiene products, women's private care products, baby diapers. Its own brand is "仙柏麗兒" sanitary napkins and "奇樂熊" baby diapers. Its workshop and workshop area exceeds 20,000 square meters, with 8 fully automatic servo sanitary napkins production equipment, and equipped with stain detection, mirror detection, material exchange device, automatic kick waste function, metal detection and other supporting intelligent inspection and inspection detection system, annual output of more than 800 million pieces.

Careboss has high-quality production technology personnel, professional OEM team, providing one-stop OEM/ODM OEM services from design, production, warehousing and logistics to customers. "Creating win-win cooperation with our minds" is our business philosophy, "Care for the world, love the world" is our goal, and strive to become a benchmark enterprise in the industry.

  • 20000
    Workshop and workshop area exceeds (square meters)
  • 8
    Fully automatic servo sanitary napkins production equipment
  • 0.8 Billion
    Annual output exceeded (tablet)
  • OEM
    Has professional team

Careboss has always adhered to the use of first-line raw material suppliers, establish a strict quality control system to ensure high-quality products. The company attaches great importance to product innovation and technological innovation, and develops a "fully permeable and impermeable sanitary napkin" to provide consumers with a new experience of soft, comfortable and breathable.

In sanitary napkins, women's personal care products, baby diapers, Careboss and Chile Bear are dedicated to doing, constantly innovating, striving for a new benchmark in the sanitary industry and continuous efforts.