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Business Introduction
Our Advantages Are Worthy Of Your TrustReasons For Choosing Us
  • 18 years of OEM experience in sanitary napkins

    18 years of OEM/ODM service experience in professional sanitary napkin baby diapers. Advanced production lines and equipped with professional product laboratories.

  • High-end manufacturing service

    Standard workshop, a total of 8 high-speed production lines, annual output of more than 800 million pieces, a strong and solid supply chain.

  • Brand Planning and Cultivation

    It can provide one-stop service from planning, design, production, warehousing and logistics for brand companies.

  • High quality and reliability

    Use well-known and reliable raw material suppliers, quality assurance. Perfect production process, the most efficient speed for brand manufacturers to produce the best products.

We Are Your OEM Customization ExpertYou Ddecide Your Products
  • Position
    There are many products on the market, and they spend too much time and too much time. You don't know how to locate them?

    Find us! We configure products suitable for market demand for you, and we customize them exclusivel

  • Secure
    Hesitate to find out which manufacturer is more powerful and more secure for yourself?

    Find us! We purchase materials for you, arrange production, professional sampling, experimental testing, one-stop service, let you sit and wait for the harvest!

  • Upgrade
    Want to upgrade products, beat peers and make them more competitive?

    Bullet waist/small ring waist/large ring waist/wood pulp structure/half core/whole core? Special edition film? Special-edition bags, special-edition cartons? As long as you can think of upgrades, we can provide you with a comprehensive upgrade!

Our OEM ProductsYou Ddecide Your Products
  • Sanitary Towel

  • Maternal Towel

  • Breast Pad

  • Snow Lotus Pad

  • Paper Diaper

Quality comes from scientific and technological strengthScience and technology highlight the noble quality, strength to achieve high-end products.

1、Fully automatic production line of 100,000 grade purification workshop takes shape, and the product efficiency is more stable.

2、Cobalt 60 irradiation technology, medical grade aluminium foil bag packaging, products free from pollution.

3、Vacuum Low Temperature Active Extraction Technology to Maximize the Efficiency and Activity of Precious Herbs and Plants.

High-end manufacturing servicesStandard workshop, 8 high-speed production lines, annual output of more than 800 million pieces.

1、Ultrasonic breaking and crushing technology, polymer flow around impact technology, to ensure that human body essence, continuous, stable and efficient absorption.

2、Controlled release technology enables balanced, stable and sustained release of plant essence.

3、The Yin Yin point directed eight transdermal absorption technology. The direct route to the reproductive system is short and quick, with no loss of essence.